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Elisa spent her younger years as a dancer, she continued pursuing her love for dance while teaching at local dance studios and later was the co-founder of Elite Dance Company. Elisa found her passion for Yoga in 2003 while exploring her own practices she knew she needed to share this passion and quickly became a 200-hr. Yoga teacher.

Since then Elisa has dedicated herself to the practice, study and teachings while she personally experiences the joys and benefits. Realizing the positive impact the practice brought to her busy lifestyle both mentally and physically, has changed the way she tackles life’s challenges. It is through her own personal experiences that she took to her practice for support & mental clarity. Because of this she has devoted her energy to share her teachings and open experiences.

Elisa continued with her studies to complete an array of certifications to include:

Intensive 200hr 26/2 and Fusion Yoga, Yin Yoga & Nidra, Hot HIIT Pilates – Under the guidance of Nicole Duke – Hotsource Yoga

Advanced I.R.I.S 26/2 -By Ida Ripley

Intensive 300hr with Restorative Yoga – From Down Under Yoga School.

Her teachings and experience naturally make their way into the practice she leads, while her beliefs and methodologies are based on self-love, and empowering her students to be their best while encouraging confidence, connection & strength through the energy of her practices.

Elisa has professionally been in the healthcare industry for over 25 years. Early on studying Occupational Therapy, she’s always had an interest in body movement and keeping to a healthy life style.

“The overall appreciation and love I feel from my student community drives my passion to shine the light of our Yoga practices with one or all. It truly warms my heart and I am grateful to maybe inspire just one.”

As one student stated – “I was intimidated & fearful to walk into my first class, but quickly after one week – I realized…… these are my people.” E.A

These are my people…… xoxo

I look forward to welcoming you to our community and embracing this journey with you all.

With the greatest gratitude.


Brooke is a busy mom of three who has always been active in sports and fitness. After having two of her three children she was looking for something new to shake things up and get back in shape. This is when she decided to try her first barre class. Instantly she fell in love with this workout and saw great results! At this time, barre was not as popular as it is today and was not being offered at local studios. This inspired Brooke to get certified at Boston Body Barre and share her new found love with local friends and family. She began teaching various outdoor classes, renting small studio space and eventually moved to teaching at a local studio!

When a friend encouraged Brooke to try Inferno Hot Pilates at the Hot Yoga Factory, she will admit she was very hesitant hearing the word “HOT”. Knowing it’s always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone she decided to give it a whirl. The feeling she felt after class was indescribable!! She hadn’t found a class like this in years. It wasn’t long before she was addicted to the classes and the community of encouraging people. After taking many classes at the Hot Yoga Factory she realized she was ready to train and get certified by Gabby Walters so she could once again share her new passion with others.

What Brooke loves most about teaching Inferno Hot Pilates is that no two classes are ever the same! She loves challenging students to push past their limits each and every time while feeling stronger and stronger with each class!! The most rewarding part of teaching is having students share their testimonials of progress, proving that a little progress each day adds up to big results!


Chrissy started her fitness journey in 2013 as a Junior in college. While she did her first teacher training to get better and more comfortable at public speaking, it turned into much more than that.

Chrissy completed her Yoga Sculpt training in 2014 at Corepower Yoga. Later that year, she completed her 200-hour yoga training from the same studio.

In 2019, Chrissy got trained in Inferno Hot Pilates, a pilates HIIT class. And in 2020, she got her TRX certification and SoulBody Barre + Unhitched certification. She is currently working on her group exercise certification.

When she isn’t teaching fitness classes, Chrissy is working in Human Resources at Hanscom Air Force Base or playing with her puppy, Bruce!


Erin began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006 at Yoga Crossing in Waltham and was instantly addicted. It was a perfect balance to her running…. until she gave up the running.

As the years went on she has relied on this practice week after week despite working through old injuries, a significant orthopedic surgery and two babies! Erin is now working full time as a Special Education Team Chair in an Urban District outside of Boston and she is also mom to Liam and Charlotte.

Then this spring the stars aligned again, and she was able to attend Inferno Hot Pilates Training in Boston. She says it was an amazing experience, completely outside her comfort zone, and worth every minute! Erin has learned so much and is happy to now have the opportunity to take her teaching to the HOT room.


Movement has always been a part of Gillian’s life. Beginning with dance as a child and then finding her way to yoga later on. The way the Hot 90 practice makes her feel is unmatched to anything she has ever experienced. She loves the way she is able to connect with herself on so many levels in the 90 minutes.

Her practice has also brought her more confidence, self-awareness, patience and the feeling of having control. Both inside and outside of the hot room. It has also helped her manage anxiety, depression and addictions.

Gillian knew from very early in her practice that she would one day teach this powerful yoga. With the addition of Hot Pilates and Buti Yoga to her teaching and practice, Gillia is able to live and feel the best she ever has. Gillain brings calmness and intensity into her teaching and focuses on alignment, precision and control over one’s self. Gillian advocates that these practices are not only life changing, but in some cases can be lifesaving.

She looks at all students as warriors and loves to see them breakthrough boundaries and limitations they have put on themselves. Gillian is grateful to THYF for the safe space it provides and its amazing students, teachers and community.


Ksenia started her yoga journey in 2012 with a Bikram yoga class: having always thought yoga was boring, she found that the hot challenging sequence connected with her in a different way. Two years later she became certified by Bikram (2014) and started traveling the world sharing her love of yoga.
Originally from Moscow, Russia, Ksenia has taught in Europe, Asia and North America. Teaching and practicing in different parts of the world has inspired her to explore other styles of yoga.

In 2015 while teaching in Jakarta, Ksenia fell in love with Ashtanga yoga “the practice of the warrior” that brought her all the way to Mysore, India – the birthplace of Ashtanga Yoga where she studied the traditional practice and asana adjustments (2016).

In 2017 Ksenia came to the Bay Area to complete the 300-hour Teacher Training at Samyama Yoga Center in Palo Alto, CA where she studied under John Berg. Inspired by her anatomy teacher Louis Jackson, Ksenia continued movement education and completed Yoga Tune Up® Level 1 training in 2018.

“Yoga is my one-on-one time with the real me. Yoga practice gives me a clear mind, great ideas, insightful thoughts and of course, health benefits! Yoga gives me, me” – she says.

Ksenia’s Vinyasa classes combine yoga experience from different parts of the world. She feels they reflect the power of calmness, promote posture alignment and encourage the synchronization of breath with movement. Students often say her classes are challenging but somehow, she makes it easy for you to get through :).


Melissa, a lifelong resident of Chelmsford, MA enjoys spending time with her husband and 11 year daughter traveling or just enjoying family time. She feels she’s found the most amazing community at VIBE Hot Yoga & Pilates when she joined 5 years ago. Melissa fell in love with hot pilates right away because of how it made her feel and the physical changes she saw within her own body.

Melissa completed her Hot Pilates Plus training in June 2021 with the goal to strengthen her own practice. Now excited to teach and share her practice with you all.

“Whatever your fitness goals may be, I look forward to challenging you each and every time… in order for you to reach those goals! I can’t wait to see you soon in one of my classes!”


Mike was drawn to yoga for both exercise and stress relief. He found it the perfect antidote to a high stress corporate job, and has practiced regularly for many years. After trying multiple different styles of yoga, he was drawn to the physically challenging practice of hot yoga. He loves the feeling at the end of a class when you feel physically drained, but also tremendously energized.

For the last 10+ years he’s practiced 26+2/Bikram yoga exclusively, and tries to practice every day.

In 2020 he decided to share the benefits he’s received from yoga with others through teaching. His personal approach is to push himself in every class to improve in some way, either physically or mentally, and he hopes to share this approach by challenging students through his teaching.

Outside of the hot room, Mike builds custom fine furniture for clients, enjoys hiking, kayaking, and spending time in nature. In addition to 26+2 yoga, he is also a certified Reiki Master and Teacher.


Robin first came to the Original 26&2 (then Bikram) in 2015, on a whim using a Groupon with a friend. As much as she loves the heat, that first class felt oppressive to her and she never thought her body could do what she saw happening around her. What she also remembers though, is how wonderful she felt after class. She felt accomplished, relaxed and refreshed and slept like a baby! 5 classes later, she was hooked! She has spent the last 5 years learning and understanding the postures and breathing exercises on a deeper level and feeling/enjoying the effects of this yoga.

Robin has always worked out and was a runner until a knee surgery ended running for her. She had already been practicing yoga regularly when she had the surgery. It put her out of commission and on crutches for 8 months. When she returned, she had a much modified practice, in a chair. What that brought to her own practice and the way she viewed herself (and others) was to leave pride and expectations at the door – to truly work with the body she has on any given day, within its limitations and be patient and have compassion; not just for herself, but also for others. This is where Robin truly learned and understood doing “the best you can with the body and MIND you have today”. What this practice can do for an individual is something she has not found in any other physical activity. This is what drove Robin to take some training so that she could share this practice and what it can do for a person.

The 26&2 has absolutely changed Robin’s life and brought her many blessings; a wonderful practice that challenges her daily, amazing friends, strong ties throughout the yoga community, and special bonds with fellow athletes training for competitions.

There is nothing like taking 90 minutes to focus on yourself…find your center…put yourself and sometimes life, into perspective

Robin received her Yin certification in May 2019 and her 26&2 certification in May 2020, additionally holding an Intermediate 26/2 certification.


Robyn Bongiorno is a 500 hr RYT. She is certified in Children’s Yoga, Adapted Yoga, Prenatal and Restorative Yoga. Robyn has recently completed her journey within a 300 hour intensive YTT that deepened her knowledge and passion for the practice. For 20 years Robyn has been both a teacher and student of Ballet. Additionally, she was certified in 2018 by the IBBFA as a Barre instructor. “Teaching brings peace to my soul and having the ability to spill that over and share it with my students is a true gift.”