Welcome to VIBE Hot Yoga & Pilates!

At VIBE Hot Yoga & Pilates you’ll find a community that embraces all levels of practice within a respectful, welcoming and compassionate environment.  While we all navigate the meaning of self-care, we encourage the practice of taking time and space for YOU, allowing for our tribe to find peace, friendship, inspiration, motivation and love from our member community.

VIBE Hot Yoga & Pilates puts focus on your whole being; Mind, Body and Inner Spirit, hoping you’ll find your vibe in all of what we surrender to.  Come raise your vibration in any of our practice offerings where you will experience inner peace, serenity and / or physical accomplishments. What desire brings you to your mat, what’s your vibe…..

When your ground seems unsteady, or the way ahead is uncertain or unknown, instead of turning away or backing off, try leaning in.  

Lean into the unknown.  

Lean into your own anxiety or uncertainty.

Lean into the energy of discovery and surprise.  

Lean into the unfolding possibilities.  

Lean into the team of people around you .  

Lean in and you’ll be amazed at what you can do.  

~ Rev. Dean

Today, I’m choosing to Lean In.